Recovery for me means regaining possession over something that was lost.

What is recovery? It means several things, but the definition I want to focus on is: the process of regaining possession over something that was lost. For more than 20 years, I’ve voluntarily stifled my own creative voice in place of that of others. I’m just an enthusiastic person and I love helping people. Those two passions turned into the now-defunct Amanda’s Ideas, LLC and Amanda’s Charities, LLC, two heartfelt, but failed businesses I attempted to operate many years ago.

The creative bug got me early in life. I’ve gone overboard in that department, often hearing my voice speak quietly as a church mouse, but snuffing it out in favor of the lions of many, many other smaller artists whose voices I chose to raise. The result of my voluntary efforts was more than 20 years of a really strong creative portfolio for me, but not much else.

I’m in a recovery phase now, making better life and career choices. I still hear that same whisper of the church mouse in my soul. It no longer has to beat its fists on the door of my heart and beg to be released. I’m consciously nurturing it now and feeding it the king’s feast it rightfully deserves. I’m taking the time to be myself, love myself, and allow myself to flourish naturally.

The first step of recovery is to finally build a portfolio website showcasing the work I’ve amassed over the last 20 years. I hope you enjoy.

Published by Amanda M. Socci

Experimental gal with experience in art and craft projects for 25+ years. My portfolio website has a sampling of my creative projects.

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