I have been going through some bizarre medical problems recently. Unbeknownst to me, it seems I had caused myself to have a stress fracture in my foot due to too much walking. I found that to be ironic because I feel I don’t walk that much at all! I actually spend an inordinate amount of time driving in my part-time role as mom “the taxi driver” as I shuttle my daughters to and from school and activities. But walking? Now how did I end up injuring myself?

I thought it was strange, but at the same time, I believe my doctor. If my doctor says I got a stress fracture from too much walking, then so be it. The consequence of this fracture was to confine my foot in a splint for two weeks. So, bizarre just got even more bizarre. I was told to limit my walking and wear a splint in order to isolate the fracture and keep it “padded” to delete any unnecessary shock and extra movements to my foot, which would only exacerbate the problem.

My “medicine” if you can call it that, was to become a “couch potato” – as per doctor’s specific, yet funny words. Only my family knows I couldn’t possibly become a couch potato because I don’t watch t.v.! I had gotten used to the idea of not watching adult television after years of watching kid t.v. with my daughters. But now, I was told specifically to become a couch potato in order to heal the stress fracture in my foot.

Okay, no problem. I have slowly and gradually forced myself to watch television, despite knowing I have mountains of domestic chores and professional writing and research waiting for me. In my periods of forced rest, I have rekindled my fondness for “Friends,” the 1990s television show with actors Courtney Cox, Matthew Perry, and the rest of the brilliant cast. The laughing, the goofy storylines, the utter deliciousness of the physical and visual comedy made my sitting process tremendously enjoyable.

Sometimes, life throws us curveballs that can put long delays in what we are trying to accomplish. I say: don’t fight it, just learn to deal with those curveballs with grace, humility, and patience. They exist for a reason!

Published by Amanda M. Socci

Experimental gal with experience in art and craft projects for 25+ years. My portfolio website has a sampling of my creative projects.

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