Amanda is always working on creative projects. She relishes the idea of finding solutions to a need or problem in the most creative way possible. Amanda applies varying levels of creativity across the board – – from church-related functions, to birthdays, to school fundraising, to work. Here are some examples of creative projects.  


Birthday theme: Minecraft!

Addressing birthday gifts has been a major creative project. With two daughters and invitations to children’s birthday parties celebrating different themes, Amanda has made it a point to embrace each theme with a unique gift for the birthday child. Amanda’s daughter, then 8, was invited to a birthday party for a boy turning 8. This boy loved Minecraft. Amanda had absolutely no idea what that was, so she did research and learned as much as possible in a short time. And then, she decided to combine her heartfelt passion of writing with the creative process. The result was a stunning 23-page masterpiece!

Business Directories

Showcasing moms and dads with their businesses
Many moons ago, Amanda was a new parent. Despite being a first-time mother, Amanda felt the creative bug nipping at her ear, much like Jack Frost. Amanda found a vibrant e-mail list, DC Urban Moms and Dads, proposed the idea to capture to create a printable directory of parents in the DC metropolitan area who were business owners, and created a directory.